Friday, October 17, 2008

recent favorite finds

I wanted to share some of my favorite finds these past weeks. I can't help myself if I find any type of lace anywhere! I picked these up at Antique Co-op for a $1 each. I was so excited! :)

Next I found this set of gold Fleur De lis buttons. I have a couple of ideas to what to use them on, but for right now I'll put them on a pretty saucer to display.

Mmmm...vintage trims! This looks like it dates way back. I'm thinking about using it on one of my mannequins that I have been wanting to dress up in something.....future project! More to come on that....

While on my weekly visit to Target, I came across some Simply Shabby Chic items on clearance, I nearly grabbed it and ran to the checkout, it being only $3! I have been eyeing this for awhile now and I thought it would be cute in the bathroom with some cotton balls stored in it.

And another piece to add to my collection is this small display plate from the Queen's Jubilee ceremony. Only $1.95.. how could I pass it up?
Hope you enjoyed my favorite finds....I wonder what I'll find in this coming weeks...
Have a Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

You really do have good luck finding things. That little jar is so cute and the lace is so pretty. I also enjoy finding items that have the royal family on them. You never know where they may turn up. It's always fun when you come across one! Enjoyed the pictures of your mom and dad's home. Looking forward to seeing more! Elsie

Jenny.Lee said...

What great finds! I never seem to have such luck.