Sunday, November 30, 2008

another craft show

I was in another craft show last Saturday. I gotta a call on Friday evening if I wanted to take part in a craft show the next day. I had no real plans for the day so I said way not?!?

The the rush was on to get everything together for the show, pricing new items and making more things.

The set up was pretty similar to my last craft show set up. I was happy with the results of the show, and I learn more and more what people are looking for.

I'm hoping to get into more shows coming up. Hope you enjoyed seeing my table set up, I'll be posting about my Christmas decorations soon!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you,
hope you enjoy your day with your family and loved ones!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

shabby suitcase

I've been working on this little cutie for a little bit now. And just finished her the other day. I hot glued vintage white and ivory buttons to the outside of the suitcase. Then I used a white tassel trim.

I love how the white buttons look on the grey background.

Good thing I still have LOTS of buttons left over to use fr future projects!

For the top I painted it white then mod podged ivory floral scrapbook paper over it. I then used old French book paper and used vintage inspired bird illustrations.

I used it in a craft show I was in on Saturday as part as a display piece. A lot of people commented on it, liking it a lot! :)

I am going to finish the inside off and I'll share the final product with you with hopefully better pictures of it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been a big fan of lavender lately; the color and especially the herb. When my best friend and I were little I was always the pink girl, having to have everything and anything pink, and she was always the purple gal. Am I changing over to purple?? Well, probably not, but for right now I'm seeing lavender fields.

The scent of lavender is such a soothing and clean. I wanted to make some lavender sachets to put in closets and clothing drawers and to hang them.

So I have been making these sweet little sachets. Some made from vintage fabrics, some new, but all are filled with lavender.

Some are in my Etsy shop :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

granger homestead

Last Friday my Mother and I traveled to local town for a Artisan craft show. The shows entrance fee's benefited the Granger Homestead. It 's a beautiful old mansion built in the early 1800's. Just look at this house!

The craft show took place in front of the mansion in a huge white tent. It was filled with many many vendors who were all so talented. There was painter there that many years ago my parents bought her beautiful paintings and I have always loved them through out the years, so when I saw her I knew I had to get one of her works of art. She even remembered me when I visited her studio almost 15 years ago! Make sure you check out her website and her painting "Annie's Dream".

The mansion was decorated in Christmas decor. Inside the house, there was the Festival of the trees. Many different decorated Christmas trees done up in Patriotic, Victorian, etc themes. Usually the homestead is a museum and attracts around 15,000 people a year.

Windows were decorated with Christmas wreath. Gorgeous fall leaves provided a backdrop.

There was even horse buggie rides for kids and their parents. Even though it was a beautiful sight, wouldn't it even be better with snow?? :)

After visiting the homestead we went into town to do some shopping. We even went to Home Goods. I've heard so much about this store, it was so much fun! I found some goodies that I will share with you soon!

Thanks for going along with me on my field trip! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sun room workings

This week I have been working on more sun room pillows and decorations. I've always wanted a white feather wreath, so yesterday I made one for the room. I used a sea foam green ribbon to hang it up.

This was the first thing I wanted to get done, is the comfy seating area. I wanted a very miss-matching but coordinating pillows. This love seat I also picked up for free a couple of years ago. I will eventually change it out for the white wicker set.

I used mostly vintage fabrics that I have been hording, the "too pretty to use" fabrics. But I decided to go for it and use them as pillows that I would enjoy and see often. :) Some of the fabrics were vintage napkins and runners.

This couch is directly across from the other. Still a work in progress.... I started a patchwork quilt awhile ago and still needs batting, but for now works well on the back of the couch.

More to come on the sunroom soon!

Monday, November 3, 2008

step 1...sunroom

I started my sunroom makeover this weekend. The 1st step I did was take away one of the chairs pictured above, it was a little cramped in the corner, so taking away the chair really opened it up.

I also went through my favorite fabrics and picked out patterns I wanted to make pillows out of. I'm going to use pinks, whites, and blues...staying with the shabby chic look.

I hit the jackpot when I found this wicker love seat and chair for nothing this weekend. My plan of action is to put it in the room as well.

Stay tuned for more progess.... :)