Sunday, November 23, 2008

shabby suitcase

I've been working on this little cutie for a little bit now. And just finished her the other day. I hot glued vintage white and ivory buttons to the outside of the suitcase. Then I used a white tassel trim.

I love how the white buttons look on the grey background.

Good thing I still have LOTS of buttons left over to use fr future projects!

For the top I painted it white then mod podged ivory floral scrapbook paper over it. I then used old French book paper and used vintage inspired bird illustrations.

I used it in a craft show I was in on Saturday as part as a display piece. A lot of people commented on it, liking it a lot! :)

I am going to finish the inside off and I'll share the final product with you with hopefully better pictures of it!!


Anonymous said...

So very chic! I love it. Always enjoy your blog and the projects you're working on. Can't wait to see the inside. Elsie

Melissa said...

Hi Emily~Thanks for stopping by my blog. Where are you in Rochester? We are in Webster. Your etsy shoppe is just darling! I had fun window shopping :)

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

That is so lovely! Email me your address for the swap! xoxo Andrea

miss gracies house said...

very cute-I really do have to do something with the stack of suitcases I've been gathering. Great idea!

Joy said...

I love your suitcase! It's so inspiring - the tassel and buttons are fantastic.

niartist said...

Emily, love the suitcase. It's beautiful - you're right the ivory buttons against the gray is just perfect! Nice ... very nice!