Friday, October 31, 2008

romantic holiday trees

I had a pretty creative weekend last Saturday and Sunday, some of the things I made were these romantic lace trees. I went through my lace collection and used them on these trees. I put some sets up on my etsy page for sale.

There is thre different sets, white and ivory, pink and blue, and blue and white combos.
I made some for myself for when I redo my sunroom in the shabby chic look. Stay tuned for the progress of that makeover!
Leave them out all year round or use them for a romantic holiday!

Leave them out all year round or use them for a romantic holiday!

have a happy halloween everyone!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

my 1st show

I usually like to post a couple of times a week at the least, but on Monday I decided to show my creations at a local craft show. Now this one would be the first one I have ever been in, so I was in a bit of a hurry trying to make more things to bring and getting everthing ready for Saturday.

This was my little table. I was really happy with how it turned out!

It was the Church's 1st craft show, so the turn out was kinda small but I did sell a bunch of things!

I had a little bit of Christmas, mitten ornaments and framed vintage prints.

One of the best sellers of the day were my photo greeting cards.

Thanks to my husband and my Mom for helping me out Saturday with my first craft show!! Can't wait to do another one!

Monday, October 20, 2008

holiday arrangements

I've been real busy at work lately, trying to get my quotas done of Christmas arrangements. Yes I know, Christmas. But at least it get me excited for the holidays!
Here's some recent creations I have made....

Pumpkin basket arrangement with mums, sunflowers, hydrangeas and fillers.

Magnolias, berries, roses, and fillers in another fall piece.

And the starting of Christmas, I have been getting some strange looks from customers lately, "Christmas already??" I've been trying out some new design techniques, what do you think?

I really liked how this arrangement turned out. You can't really see it but it's in a beautiful red and gold mosaic glass container, perfect little sparkle!

We have gotten in a lot of black pieces for Christmas, the look is very dramatic I think!
I'll be posting more in the future, I only have about 800 more to do... wish me luck!

Friday, October 17, 2008

recent favorite finds

I wanted to share some of my favorite finds these past weeks. I can't help myself if I find any type of lace anywhere! I picked these up at Antique Co-op for a $1 each. I was so excited! :)

Next I found this set of gold Fleur De lis buttons. I have a couple of ideas to what to use them on, but for right now I'll put them on a pretty saucer to display.

Mmmm...vintage trims! This looks like it dates way back. I'm thinking about using it on one of my mannequins that I have been wanting to dress up in something.....future project! More to come on that....

While on my weekly visit to Target, I came across some Simply Shabby Chic items on clearance, I nearly grabbed it and ran to the checkout, it being only $3! I have been eyeing this for awhile now and I thought it would be cute in the bathroom with some cotton balls stored in it.

And another piece to add to my collection is this small display plate from the Queen's Jubilee ceremony. Only $1.95.. how could I pass it up?
Hope you enjoyed my favorite finds....I wonder what I'll find in this coming weeks...
Have a Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a peek at my parents house

For awhile now I have been wanting to share parts of my parents lovely house. Both my Mom and Dad are impeccable with details and how they put rooms together. Since moving out they have almost completely redone and redesign every room. They aren't afraid to try new techniques and colors in designing. My Dad has done the remodeling all himself (with my Mom's help) new baths, toilets, name it he does it! So enjoy the little sneak peek!!

I always enjoyed sitting on the front porch on a gorgeous day. It's truly a relaxing and beautiful place to be.
The little touches to finish a look.

Just a peek at my Mothers flowers in her stunning garden. Next summer I will take you all on a garden tour. I loved how the ivy leaves were changing into a beautiful maroon color.

Here is my old room now totally changed over :( It used to ALL pink, pink everything!! But I have to admit that I love how it turned out.

Some Shabby Chic pieces accent the room. This lamp and shade I gave to my Mom for her birthday one year. That cute picture of the dog is Molly (or Mollers as I like to call her) I took this picture on the window seat a couple years back in the room.
I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek at their house. I know I love going each time to see whats new or what project they are working on next. More to come, and thanks for letting me share the photos M & D. ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my own union jack pillow

I've been checking out the Shabby Chic website to see all the beautiful things for sale. When I saw the Union Jack wall hanging and pillow.. I knew it was for me! Being of English heritage I fell in love with it. I thought I would try my hand at making one.

I picked three coordinating fabrics I would use for the pillow. I decided to make a small version and I thought if it turned out alright I would make a larger and maybe a wall hanging. I think it turned out pretty good, next time I might make it more like the British flag.

Close up of the shabby fabrics I used. Look out for another coming soon...

The beautiful original by Rachel Ashwell.

Friday, October 10, 2008

could it be?? shabby bangles??

I've had so much fun creating the Shabby Wreaths that I decided to create chic bangle bracelets with the same feel. They definitely have some whimsy to them!!

Pink, white and blue version.

White and lace version. Many different types of vintage lace and white fabric.

And of course another Shabby Wreath. This one is made with mostly vintage laces.

Hope you enjoy!! Just wait to see whats coming next!! They will be added to my Etsy store shortly!

Friday, October 3, 2008

a trip to the farm market

Oh do I love this time of year, the aromas, the fruits and the sights. Today I went to my local farm market to pick up some fresh apples and cider. Two of my favorite things.

I took my camera along to take some snaps of the gourds and pumpkins. I took a similar picture last year as my Thanksgiving card to my family. I'll have to pick out one of the many I took this year. :)
Enjoy the colors...

Baskets of warty gourds.

Large warty gourds and pumpkins have so much character.

Rows and rows of pumpkins, I picked out mine, ready to be carved.

Have a great weekend!!

More shabby wreaths added to my etsy shop in other colors.