Sunday, December 6, 2009

vintage ornaments

Oh how I love vintage ornaments... don't we all? Over the years I have been collecting them at sales.  I just love the colors of them.

Why do I need so many ornaments?... I don't know but how can I pass them up?
More of my holiday decorating later this week!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winter Feather Wreath Colletion

Introducing the Winter Feather Wreath Line.  
These Feather Wreaths are made especially for the Winter season. 
Wide satin ribbon, glittered details, festive crepe paper.. are just some of the details to check out in my etsy shop..

Merry Christmas banner...coming to soon to etsy...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

some new jewels...

Some new jewelry in the shop!! I am in love with these cuties! Three different kinds. Be sure to check them out!


Monday, October 5, 2009

black feather wreaths are back in stock!!

Black feather wreaths are in stock in my etsy shop!! There are 3 different versions. They are also available in pink, blue, white, and tan.

Hope you all are enjoying the fall season!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a little sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peek at my studio! I have a couple more things I want to get done before I reveal it all. 
I wanted to start with one of the corners of the room. In the smaller room I didn't have any room for this lady, I was so excited to have her in this larger room.  I found her a couple of years ago at a sale. She was marked $5 which I knew was a steal. But I already had one from my boss at the florist I worked at. So I was talking it over with my Mom, and the lady said. how about $3? How could I say no to that price?

So there she is dressed up in my handmade lace rose corsages, a vintage measuring tape and some antique keys.  Behind is a vintage replica of a Vogue cover my hubby got me for my birthday years ago.
Hope you enjoyed this small little sneak peek..... more to come!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

night out on the town

This weekend the hubby and I are off to New York City with my Sister in law and her husband to visit our friend who lives in Brooklyn.  I've been making many different purses for the local shops I sell in. So I finally took the time to make myself one. 

This fabric has been one of my big sellers with my small clutch purses I make.  I also had this beautiful royal blue satin that I thought would look great with the black and white fabric.  In my bits and baubles drawer I found this lonely earring, I took the clip off and make into a pin that I can take on and off. I can't wait to use in the city!

I do custom orders if anyone is interested in this clutch.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

studio time...

I have been working non stop on my "new" studio for the past 4 days and is almost complete:) I'm so excited to share it with you! It has been really nice organizing everything from scratch, and putting labels on each container.  Hopefully now I will follow what I have started!! 

Pictures soon to come!! Enjoy your week:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

vintage jewelry box

I went to a local church sale yesterday, I forgot about going on Saturday, and on my way home I was excited to see that they were open and have a $2.00 bag sale!  I found some great goodies that I am excited to use!   

I've been wanting a vintage jewelry box and I saw one sitting on the table with various pieces of jewelry, so I added the little cutie to my brown paper bag. What a deal!!

This morning I filled it with some of my collection of sparkly stones and my favorite laces.

The starburst broach in the above photo I wore on my wedding dress, it's defiantly one of my favorites!

My hubby has graciously agreed to change our office rooms with me, his is a little bigger and I am running out of space for all my crafty items in my little studio. So next week we will be working on changing the rooms around.  I am excited to be starting from scratch; arranging everything just right! Pictures will be coming in the next weeks!!
{and this little cutie will be on display}

Friday, July 17, 2009

busy busy busy

How time flies! It's crazy that we are almost at the end of July! 
I've been absent since May, but I am still going, busy as ever!  I started selling at another local store; and been making new things in any of my spare time.  On August 1st the store will have been open a month, and I'm very happy with the turn out! :)

This is one of the new items I have been making.  They are available at the store and in my etsy shop.
I have plans to make other sayings as well. Those will be coming soon:)

I used different vintage trims along with some vintage fabrics. 
I love how the baby one turned out! Perfect for a nursery.  :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

little wristlets

This weekend I have been making these little guys.  I wanted to make something new for the shop and the local shops I'm in, so I thought these would be cute to sell.
I have been having fun picking out the color combinations. I really liked how this yellow turned out.  I made a corsage with a vintage button for the center.  

This pink one has the black and white gingham inside and on the wristlet part. 
And this blue one was my first try, which turned out pretty good :) I found this beautiful fabric at a re-sell store, I just love it!
If your interested you can find some of them here.  :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pretty finds...

i found some pretties last week at sales.  When ever I see any kind of lace at a sale, I go in and sweep it up!  I have a ever growing collection of vintage laces, I just love the intricate workings.
I also found some pretty pink floral corsage and loads of pearls. I am hoping to collect enough of them to fill a glass canister. How pretty would that be? 
how pretty...

Friday, May 15, 2009

spending some time decorating...

I finally spent some time re-decorating my home today.  I feel like I have no time to work on my house because of other things going on.  So I spent the day at some sales and fixing up the house....

I added one of my favorites... Little Women novel. I remembering watching the movie for the first time years and years ago, and I still love it today. Such a good story!
I've been wanting to neutralize the hutch for some time now.  So I gathered a bunch of whites, creams, and ivory. I wanted it simple looking.  

Loads of vintage buttons, faux birds nests, glass, lace, and mother of pearl napkins rings, among other things make up my hutch... have fun looking..... happy friday!!!:)