Monday, July 7, 2008

Mind Wide Open Creative Contest- "Remembering Lily"

Over at Mind Wide Open, they are having a contest to get your creative juices flowing. I had to include this image of a girl, and use any medium to creative art with it. Also given was the work "Remembrance" to inspire you.
I decided to make a pillow, and named it "Remembering Lily".
I created a story about the pillow and the image of the girl.

I used "remembrance" by including an old postcard this girl, Lily sent to her parents while away at school in Paris. Also items that this girl might have worn, like the buttons, lace, anything that her parents can remember her by while shes gone at school.

I also used lace, vintage buttons, fabric, silk flowers, and paper.

So please head over to Mind Wide Open and vote for me!!


Miss Sandy said...

Your memory pillow featuring Lily is just wonderful. I love the soft feminine touches you used in your art! Best of luck!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I just voted for your darling pillow. It is wonderful! Great job.


emily said...


Thanks so much for voting for me!! Yay!! You'll have to join in next time!


Anonymous said...

I love your memory pillow and the story behind it. I'm heading on over right now to cast my vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Emily...this pillow is so gorgeous. Love those little button you added to it :) I only know basic sewing, nothing fancy but I sooo want to make a little pillow now :)