Monday, April 27, 2009

bird watching

Before I went into work this afternoon I was out bird watching in my back yard. There has been this one blue jay in our yard this year and I wanted to take some pictures of the little guy. 

This was the only clear shot I got of him.  I'll have to try again tomorrow.
But the other pictures turned out pretty cool.
I love how all the branches of the trees look. It looks kinda like a spiderweb. 
Can you find him???

Even though my camera decided to focus on the branches rather than the robin, I really liked how this one turned out also.
Oh... and I couldn't resist not putting one in here of my girl!!  
Happy Spring to you all!!

1 comment:

Stephenie said...

What a pretty post...That bird is just so beautiful...I love birds and I'll sit on my porch for hours just watching them fly...I saw a cardinal today before I came to work...I love your little girl too she is just so cute..