Monday, March 9, 2009

the living room

Here's a another look at my living room. It's still a work in progress, more projects I want to complete.  

The lamp on the top of the bookcase I got at a sale for only $6, the little roses on the base are so pretty.  The shades a little plain, so I thought I would add some ruffles I won in a giveaway on Vintage Bella Studio's blog. 
Thanks for all the goodies you sent me!

Here's a another look at my living room. It's still a work in progress, more projects I want to complete.  

I had a couch cover in my sunroom that I moved into this room. I also had some black furniture pieces that I bought from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago moved to our family room. I wanted this room bright and have the shabby look to it.  I added some new pillows and ones that I made to the couch.  And to make it complete I put my bargain of a quilt over the back of the couch. 

hope you enjoyed another look at my house. more to come :)



Hi Emily,
I thought I come over and say "HI"!! I see you have been making some lovely things. The jewerly, fans and sweet nests:)
It's fun to take a peak at your lovely home.

Änglahem said...

What a gorgeous lamp! Love it!

Thanks for the peek at your beatiful home!

Hugs, Ulrika

Chrissy T said...

If your looking to get rid f that black pottery barn furniture, your sister-in-law would LOVE it!!! haha :)

Colleen said...

I love the pink ribbon on the mirror and the shutter on the table! Very cute :)

Stephenie said...

Love your livingroom..You have so many beautiful things. Love all the pillows on your couch....That cherub statue is just so cute...

Anonymous said...

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Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Happy Weekend~
You are invited to a Blog Drawing~
'Why I love Vintage'
Please have a visit!
Happy Spring!

Secondhandrose said...

Your room is really cozy and inviting....I'll be over for some tea! Lol Come for a visit.

Nicky C. said...

where'd ya find the fun crown fabric? i'm a new KING ;-)