Tuesday, September 9, 2008

there's no place like home...

My husband and two of our friends went on a little va-ca to the happiest place in the world. We arrived back home on Sunday and it felt good to be back at our house. We had a really great time at Walt Disney World. It was so nice to feel like a kid again, going on the Teacups and seeing Cinderella's castle.

Here's some of my favorite photos on our trip. See the Mickey ears in the above picture on the Epcot sphere?? :)
I loved going to Epcot and seeing the World Showcase.

Cinderella's castle was just beautiful!

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

The four of us decided to have lunch in Cinderella's castle, so I went up to the hostess and gave her our name and how many, she then asked us if we had a reservation, (and of course we did not) because there is a 4-6 month waiting list to have lunch with Cinderella! Boy did we feel dumb!! So just as an FYI: if your going to Disney and want to eat there make sure you plan AHEAD!! ;)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some photos of our vacation!!


Alisa said...

Hi Emily!
Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I just finished the last book... Breaking Dawn. Enjoy the ones you are reading!


Hi Emily,
I'm glad you had a nice vacation at the Disneyworld. I also appreciate your concern for my daughter and me. THANK YOU.
Had part 1 of the garage sale today. Forgot how much work they are. Part 2 is Saturday.
Have a great weekend.

Pink Slippers said...

So nic eto meet you..we will be heading off to California Disneyland in a couple of weeks. I know its not the same as Disney world but I live in California. I just love it there. Wendy