Thursday, September 25, 2008

fall telephone hutch

Yes thats right, MORE fall decorating!! :) I have been busy changing over my whole house, giving it that autumn feel.
Another spot I decorate seasonally is my telephone hutch; another piece I bought from Pottery Barn. I got 4 of these cute little Halloween decorations at Michaels, the faces on them are too stinkin' cute!!

A couple of weeks ago my Mom and I went to a little shop and the woman was selling beautiful dried hydrangeas. They are the gorgeous shade of green. I used an old dresser drawer for the base container for the arrangement.

After going to the Haunted Mansion in Disney and seeing the spooky decorations there, I wanted to dress up the lighting fixture over our dining room table. I bought a bag of fake spider webbing and attached small little dangling spiders to finish the look. The funny thing is that I HATE spiders with a passion but I decorate with them all over the house...hmmm.... kinda funny huh? My hubby asked if I was going to be able to sit and eat at the table every night with them hanging down in my face...we'll see!!

Now I'm off to decorate the outside of my house!! Pumpkin, leave and gourds.


Pink Slippers said...

I kind of have a lamp like that over my dinning room table.. I think I will be buying some web for it and little spider friends. Well not MY friends. Wendy
Thanks for the idea.


Hi Emily,
Cute ??? having spiders hanging over you when you eat!!??
The hutch look nice and the flowers are so pretty.
Have a great weekend,

Shabby Addict said...

Your home is so ready for fall! I love it! Your hutch looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see your house at Christmas ; )

CIELO said...

I like everything I see here! You have a beautiful blog!

Enjoy the weekend!


Priscila said...

isnt disneyland fun? I love the spiderweb touch to your lights! Im going to have to do some in my house too!

Alisa said...

Hi Emily! Your decorations look great. I have the exact same light fixture in my dining room... good taste!;)
Thanks for the journal love you left for me.

Liz said...

Great fall decor! I love your black hutch and the napkins on the plates.
Great idea!