Sunday, June 8, 2008

my flower boxes

A week later and here are my flower boxes! I think they brighten up the front of the house and add a little summer to the look. Since I've planted them they already have grown a lot! We are in a bit of a heat wave here in Rochester so they are lovin to get watered! Lots n lots!

Here's the front entrance, I bought 2 urns at Christmas Tree store to put on either side of the fence. Filled petunas, marigolds and ageratum. My peonies, roses, and foxglove are grown large and beautiful. Wait to you see the foxglove! They are over 4 foot high!!

A close up of the boxes.

My left overs ready and waiting to be planted!

1 comment:

LINDA said...

there is no such thing as gardening leftovers! there is always a place somewhere for them!
the boxes loook fabulous. nice looking cottage....