Saturday, December 20, 2008

vintage christmas bulbs

The past couple of years I have been picking up vintage Christmas ornaments where ever I saw them. Some I got crazy deals on them, and paid next to nothing.
Taking them out this year I realized just how many I had...

The cloches I won at an auction back in September came to be very handy with displaying the bulbs. I decided to color coordinate them in each container. The very large on in the middle was pretty tricky to fill. I had to slide a book underneath when putting it on the coffee table. The one on the right with all the pastel colors is my favorite!

Aren't the colors just amazing?! When ever I see some out and about I try not to buy anymore, only if they are pink, I am hoping to making a wreath out of them for next year!
Have a great weekend!!


tardevil said...

They are beautiful! Wish I could find some for a bargain - all I find are expensive!

Royaltouch said...

Look wonderful! I like the old ones too, I have some but not that many. But will be watching more at flea markets, garage sales etc.
I know there are a bunch hopefully somewhere at my mother's house I hope to bring home sometime.
I enjoy your blog!

Mo said...

Emily- Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!

Little Pink Studio said...

This is such a beautiful display!
Just found your blog and it's so lovely!

Sweetina said...

You have the most beautiful blog!
I am so glad I followed the link from Undertheredroof!
I'll add you to my bloglist right away!
Happy 2009!